DELMAG Diesel Pile Hammer


DELMAG diesel pile hammers are single acting free fall hammers utilizing the principle of impact atomization.

The diesel pile hammer consists of upper and lower cylinder in which the piston is led. The hammer is equipped with a rope controlled adjustable fuel pump with 4 settings. This serves to regulate the stroke of the piston and therefore the impact energy. This is a particular advantage when soil formations change. Optionally a hydraulically actuated fuel pump with infinite settings is available. The maximum stroke of a piston is up to 3.7 m, depending on soil conditions.

The diesel pile hammer utilizes a tripping device to lift the piston and start the hammer. Usually the tripping device is lifted with a wire rope. In any case where no wire rope is present a hydraulic, hammer mounted tripping device is available.

Since diesel pile hammers do not have any piston rods, crankshafts, cams or bearings they do have little wear and are very reliable. They are almost maintenance free and can be used on different pile types like batter piles ,H-beams, sheet piles, etc.
Other advantages are the unmatched ratio of total weight to impact energy (which allows the use of lighter rigs) and the extremely low fuel consumption.

The rugged design, the reliability and the low maintenance and operating costs have convinced thousands of customers around the world that a DELMAG diesel pile hammer is always the right choice.

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