Lead Systems

Depending on design, DELMAG lead systems can be used to guide equipment like diesel pile hammers, hydraulic impact hammers, vibrators for piling and extracting and drilling tools. The light construction and high stability count to the merits.

DELMAG offers following lead systems:
- swinging leads
- hanging leads
- rope suspended leads

DELMAG swinging leads can be attached to any model of crane with the proper capacity. Since the lead is not connected to the crane's upper carriage, it can be rotated 360° around its vertical axis. When using an adapter with rope pulleys to reeve in the crane rope, batter piles with an inclination up to 1:1 (45°) can be driven.

DELMAG hanging leads can easily be attached to the boom point of crawler cranes. Usually a spotter, which connects the lower part of the lead with the upper carriage of the crane, is used to control the mast inclinations to the front, rear or side. Optionally a hydraulic mast slewing device which slews the mast ± 90° around the longitudinal axis and a hydraulic mast lowering system which lowers the mast below the ground are available. These features make it possible to work under restrained jobsite conditions and to drive piles to any required angle.

DELMAG rope suspended leads guide the hammer in "riding hammer" applications, either for driving sheet piles, H-beams or pipe piles on land-based or off-shore projects. Various models are available for pile sizes up to 4.200 mm of diameter.